How to hang borders

Hanging borders is not too hard so you should do fine. There should be some directions on the back of the label. If not, just take the roll of border and reroll it with the back on the outside, pattern on the inside. Totally immerse the whole roll in room temperature water for about 15 seconds or until it feels pasty. Pull it out of the water slowly onto a table, making sure there are no dry spots. Fold gently in accordion folds, paste side to paste side, in a 1 to 2 foot length. Apply it to the wall unfolding it as you go. Use a smoothing tool or damp sponge to smooth it on the wall. With a damp sponge or cloth wash off any paste residue on the surface before it dries.

If the wall is freshly painted, you should wait a few days for it to completely cure, before hanging a border.

If you are hanging over solid vinyl wallcovering, over a textured wall, or over some other difficult surface, you may need to use a border adhesive, instead of wetting the border.